Jaw Bones is a Grunge rooted Heavy Rock/ Stoner band from Thessaloniki, Greece. After years of hard work, they recorded their first self-titled EP at “Mix Studio” with George Brigkos. Up until today Jaw Bones have performed live on stage along with many bands like: Monster Magnet (USA), Clutch (USA), Karma to Burn (USA), Therapy? (Ireland), Sardonis (Belgium), Nightstalker (Greece), Planet Of Zeus (Greece), 1000Mods (Greece), Μωρά στην Φωτιά (Greece), Agnes Vein (Greece) and many more. Jaw Bones have released their first album via Sliptrick Records called “Wrongs on a Right Turn”, which was released worldwide on May 30th 2017. The album was recorded at the same studio as before with Fotis Demertzis, but was mixed and mastered at “Zero Gravity Studios” by Dimitris Dimitriades in Athens. At present the band is promoting the record by playing live as much as possible, wherever they can get their jaws on.

Jaw Bones have many musical influences from different bands from the Rock – Metal spectrum like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Melvins, Tool, Faith No More, Kyuss, Therapy?, Henry Rollins, Metallica, Dead Kennedys, Clutch, Monster Magnet and QOTSA. And like their music, their lyrics are also inspired by many topics, like political and social issues, but there are also songs that talk about relationships and emotions.

Jaw Bones are:
Jelly – guitar
Bill – guitar
Mike – bass
Cobas – vocals
Human – drums